Vettery launches in the UK

Vettery, the start-up acquired by Adecco that’s revolutionised the US professional recruitment sector from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, has formally launched its UK operation.

Content Credit: ONRec

  • Wall Street’s favourite recruiter launches in the UK
  • over 150 British companies already using the service

Vettery, the start-up that’s revolutionised the US professional recruitment sector from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, has formally launched its UK operation.

Vettery’s first expansion outside the United States is already proving popular with over 150 British companies – including Vodaphone, Bet Fair, Seedrs and Lyst – now signed up to use the service.

“We are very excited to bring our business to London, our first international adventure,” said Vettery co-founder Adam Goldstein. “The UK’s financial services sector continues to enjoy robust health, and now employs more than a million people and is a key driver of that growth is technical innovation.”

“London has established itself as Europe’s leading fintech hub and is attracting record levels of venture capital, but finding highly skilled and experienced candidates is often the biggest barrier restricting expansion.”

“This is where Vettery is revolutionising the industry. We are fundamentally changing the way people hire and get hired by eliminating the need for inefficient and costly third-party recruiters.”

“For decades companies have effectively been limited to working with head-hunters as they search for skilled workers. In addition to charging high placement fees, their outdated systems are generally restricted by personal networks and fail to optimize technology to efficiently find the best candidates for the open role.”

Vettery launched in New York as a two-person start-up in 2015 and within a year had 150 corporate clients on its books. The company now provides professional staff for more than 4,000 of the most exciting, era-defining brands of our time, including Uber, Netflix, Citadel, Morgan Stanley and ESPN.

A key to the rise in use of the digital service has been its ground-breaking artificial intelligence tools and machine-learning models, which track real time data, monitor trends and predict hiring behaviour. This allows Vettery to match clients with their perfect candidates with far greater convenience, accuracy, speed and compatibility than traditional recruiters.

Professionals seeking new roles in the finance, sales and tech sectors can register their CVs at, where they will be assessed and rigorously screened. Only five percent of candidates who apply through the site are accepted, offering clients the confidence to approach potential employees directly for interview, knowing that all candidates bring the very cream of skills and experience.

Vettery’s clients find their staffing decisions become smoother, with less hassle from the aggressive sales pitches of traditional matchmakers and head-hunters of the recruitment industry, while improving the social and professional diversity of their workforce.

“The UK’s £32bn recruitment sector is primed for disruption from companies such as Vettery that leverage the latest technology to make the identification and hiring of experienced professionals more accurate, efficient and affordable,” said Adam Goldstein.

“Our experience in the US has highlighted the benefits technology presents to our clients. Not only does it level the playing field and allow them to accurately identify the best candidate for a vacancy, it also removes the unconscious bias that exists in the traditional recruitment sector that can also limit a company’s growth.”


Content Credit: ONRec