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Mustard Recruitment Software

What is Mustard?

Send Better Resumes and enrich your ATS.

Better Resumes

Combine ATS and enrichment data to create beautiful, powerful resumes in seconds.

Faster Resumes

Mustard users save an average of 30 minutes per candidate resume.

Incredible Data

Automatically enrich and capture data while your recruiters are working on the resume.

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Candidates to
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Data Quality

How Mustard Works

Turn ATS data in to Superior Resumes

  • Automatically transform candidate resumes in to marketable digital assets in seconds.
  • Enrich your data with Mustard’s proprietary parsing technology
  • Auto-Anonymise candidate data with a single click.

Automatically Enrich Your ATS

  • Empower your team to quickly clean and enrich ATS records, from within the styler. 
  • Skills, experience, locations, visa status and 40 other fields are automatically enriched and sent back to your ATS.
  • Supercharge tools like HereFish & Bullhorn Fyre with faster, more accurate candidate records. 

Market Your Talent Pools

  • Send anonymised data to client-facing talent pools with a click. 
  • Engage and empower your clients to “shop” for talent from your ATS.
  • Control who has access, and track which clients view, download and share your anonymous resumes.