Product Hunt’s Top Recruitment Ideas

At Mustard we love new products, so it goes without saying that Product Hunt is one of our favourite sites to visit for keeping up with the latest innovations. Content Credit: Product Hunt.

While it’s history of surfacing sustainable ideas is sometimes questionable, its curated approach to popularity is something that should never be ignored. Despite some of the below struggling to take off commercially, we are confident that there is huge value in getting the product out there and testing the perception with the general public in high volume.

Check out our list of the the most notable concepts from Product Hunt under the Recruitment and Hiring tag.


With 5780 upvotes:

With 2659 upvotes:

With 2358 upvotes:

With 1977 upvotes:

With 994 upvotes:

With 753 upvotes:

With 299 upvotes:

With 233 upvotes:

With 220 upvotes:

With 210 upvotes:



Content Credit: Product Hunt.