“AnyGood?” research addresses the level of trust in recruitment agencies.

Content Credit: Trust In Recruitment

AnyGood? is a peer to peer recruitment platform where professionals recommend professionals for roles.

Through proactively curating the network, they’re able to share roles with professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries, geographies and those from underrepresented groups. This not only removes the need for a traditional intermediary, but also creates a level playing field, opening up new talent pools untapped by traditional methods of sourcing.

Just like rating an uber driver or airbnb host, clients rate the quality of each recommendation. They then simply pay a fixed fee if they find who they’re looking for and this is shared with the member.

AnyGood? are known for their commitment to diversity, ethical recruitment and a commitment to fairness and integrity and have recently released an interesting report in to the levels of trust in the traditional industry.

Their finds show that despite dominating the way the UK finds work – recruitment agencies are as yet unregulated. New research of over 1000 UK adults by the peer-to-peer recruitment platform AnyGood? and ExplainTheMarket reveal major problems with how well things are working.

Half of all people (52%) that have used recruitment agencies in the last year do not feel they were dealt with honestly.

For the specific task of “making sure the job is right for you” over 90% of people say they do not trust recruitment agencies to do a good job.

Over 90% want the jobs search industry to stop using computer “algorithms” and rely more on real human beings.

Over 45% of people are now using recruitment consultancies less or not at all.

83% of us would consider generating additional income by recommending professionals in their network.

Majority (54%) believe it is not reasonable to charge fees over £7,000 for recruiting a £50k pa job.

Half of people in the UK (50%) expect to have more than 5 jobs in their working lives. 12% expect to have more than 10 jobs.

80% of job hunters are very concerned about where the recruitment sector is heading.

63% are using more online recruitment resources than 3 years ago. 34% think a traditional CV is no longer essential.

Content Credit: Trust In Recruitment