Dive Brief:
  • Candidate discovery, part of Google’s recruiting platform, Hire, is now past the beta stage and available to all customers, the company announced. Candidate discovery lets recruiters find candidates who previously went through an employer’s interview process but weren’t hired and match them with other positions.
  • Based on customer feedback, Google said it added new features, including one that allows recruiters to re-engage qualified individuals in bulk.
  • Candidate discovery, which Google describes as allowing recruiters to find candidates with more relevant qualifications for job openings, is part of Google’s Cloud Talent Solution, a set of application programming interfaces.
Dive Insight:

Google announced plans to introduce “candidate discovery” in March. According to the tech giant, employers typically receive 250 resumes per job listing and the tool aims to help recruiters make use of the 249 unsuccessful candidates. But tracking and sorting former candidates can be hard without assistance, a problem that “candidate discovery” aims to tackle.

Hire is a good example of how the recruiting tech industry is working to speed up processes and improve human engagement. With the tight labor market, employers are perhaps more than ever focused on reducing time-to-hire, while also finding the right candidates.

But will Google change the recruiting game? Brian Delle Donne, president of Talent Tech Labs LLC, told HR Dive in April that it has a chance thanks to “democratizing” its tool set and making it available to other job sites and applicant tracking systems, a silo-breaking move.

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