Fill your calendar with new customers

Market your talent pools and grow your business with Mustard Recruitment Software.

Mustard Recruitment Software

What is Mustard?

Attract new business using your Candidate Database

Create Talent Pools

Mustard transforms static resumes into branded, client-facing talent pools.

Engage Your Clients

Drive clients to your interactive talent pools with automatic engagement.

Fill Your Calendar

Empower clients to quickly & easily request a resume or a callback.

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Candidates to
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How Mustard Works

Market Your Talent To More Clients, Faster.

  • Automatically transform candidate resumes in to marketable talent pools.
  • Easily share anonymised resumes and profile summaries with new and existing clients.

Engage and Convert More Clients.

  • Empower more clients to browse and “shop” from your talent pools.
  • Track and convert clients who view or download a profile.

Fill Your Calendar, Automatically.

  • Leverage your talent pools to drive client engagement.
  • Empower more clients to easily request a resume or a callback.

Simple & Beautiful

Start with a single seat or agency wide, with no re-training or process disruption.

Fast & Powerful

Mustard recruitment software is the world’s most advanced demand generation tool for recruitment companies.

Integrate Seamlessly

Launch in minutes with intuitive features designed to fit seamlessly in to your existing ATS workflows.

Recruitment Software that helps you grow.

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